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After a successful business exit from our start-up, we worked with our investment banker and DDRS to set up trusts and estate documents. Our engagement was excellent! We unequivocally recommend DDR&S.”


Jeffrey Antonchuk assisted in estate planning for my parents. I was very pleased with the results of his efforts and the estates were wound up promptly and without complications for the family.”


As the President and CEO of Redwood Electric Group, one of the largest privately-owned specialty subcontractors in California, I have used Bill to represent us in litigation several times over the last 15 years. Most recently he helped resolve a very difficult lawsuit on the eve of trial; we recovered all the money owed to us as well as our attorney’s fees. Bill is very responsive, efficient, communicates well and is a pleasure to work with. I recommend him highly to anyone needing representation in litigation or to help negotiate a good business result without the time and expense of litigation.”


I left my position as an Executive of a privately-held energy production company that operates nationally and internationally because of what I considered gender discrimination and a hostile work environment. Bill Wilka helped me navigate the delicate situation and negotiate an exit on very satisfactory terms that avoided litigation. Bill quickly identified the key issues and his intelligence, focus, judgment and responsiveness were essential to the outcome. He was both aggressive when necessary and easy to work with throughout the process. I highly recommend Bill to anyone.”


I have worked at a Managing Director or higher level for three companies in the banking, asset management and financial services sector in the past dozen years, primarily in charge of providing Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) investment products to clients around the globe. On all three occasions, Bill represented me in negotiating successful exits from former employers as well as employment agreements for new executive positions. He is completely client-focused, smart, responsive and has excellent communication skills. I also have referred Bill to several colleagues going through job transitions and they have consistently given Bill high marks for his work. I recommend Bill to anyone needing assistance in transitioning out of or into an executive employment position.”


We are a very active family office, and we have worked with DDRS for many years. We have come to consider Jonathan to be our “outside general counsel.” The firm has advised us on a wide range of matters, including real estate transactions, personal property acquisitions, corporate matters, estate planning and dispute resolution. We find them to be responsive, insightful, practical and efficient and highly recommend working with them.”


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