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DDRS Operations During the COVID-19 Disruption

To our Valued Clients and Colleagues:

While the health and safety of our clients, employees, and our community at large is our first priority, DDRS attorneys and staff are also committed to providing seamless services to our clients during these difficult times.

We continue to comply with state and local directives.  Our physical office is open.  However, we request that visitors wear masks in public locations if not fully vaccinated, or as otherwise directed by local authorities.  Our attorneys and staff are working both in-office and remotely, as deemed appropriate, and are committed to provide continuing legal service with minimal interruption.  While we cannot predict the extent or length of these COVID-19 disruptions, we recognize that you will continue to have estate planning matters, corporate and transactional matters, land use and real estate matters, and employment and dispute resolution matters that need attention.  Indeed, we are available to assist also on legal issues arising from the crisis itself – application of force majeure provisions and renegotiations of leases and other long-term contracts, changes to tax laws, applications for governmental benefits, and the like.  We at DDRS are available to assist you with any legal issues which arise related to current events as well as other ongoing matters.  Rest assured, your legal teams and documents remain available and accessible to you just as they have been in the past.

While you can reach us by e-mail and phone as you would normally, we have also implemented other tools to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 disruption on the services we provide our clients.

  • Remote Work: Our attorneys and staff have the ability to work from anywhere.  Our phone systems allow calls and voicemail to roll directly to our attorneys while working remotely.
  • Virtual Meetings: We can meet via phone or video conference and screen share any material.  We have video conferencing capabilities that we can share with you so that “face-to-face” communications is not disrupted.
  • Litigation Matters: Most civil court operations continue to be limited, meaning some deadlines and hearings are being postponed and rescheduled.  We are monitoring our clients’ litigation matters in preparation of proceeding with necessary legal filings and attending rescheduled hearings.
  • Real Estate Transactions: We will take all necessary steps to assure smooth closings for pending real estate transactions and assist with deal terms and logistics that may be modified during any disruption to normal commerce.

While the long-range effect of current events is uncertain, please know you can contact us anytime with any legal issues or concerns you may have, and we will arrange for the appropriate DDRS member to assist you.


Dudnick Detwiler Rivin & Stikker LLP